CD Markers are used as markers to determine the identiy of cell types, based on the proteins expressed on their cell surface; using these markers, cells can be separated and sorted based on their cell surface proteins, using applications such as flow cytometry. Depending on the cell type, one marker alone or a combination of markers can be used to isolate particular cell types.

CD Marker Target PhosphoSitePlus® ID UniProt ID
CD Marker Target PhosphoSitePlus® ID UniProt ID
CD3 CD3E 2609 P07766
CD4 CD4 4873 P01730
CD10 CD10 12371 P08473
CD19 CD19 1231 P15391
CD25 IL2RA 7380 P01589
CD29 ITGB1 1721 P05556
CD31 PECAM-1 2301 P16284
CD34 CD34 4561 P28906
CD38 Tnk1 1885 Q13470
CD44 CD44 4680 P16070
CD45 CD45 3725 P08575
CD49D ITGA4 7867 P13612
CD49E ITGA5 18600 P08648
CD49F ITGA6 4899 P23229
CD51 ITGAV 12024 P06756
CD54 ICAM1 4048 P05362
CD56 NCAM1 6510 P13591
CD61 ITGB3 992 P05106
CD79A Ig-alpha 1687 P11912
CD82 CD82 17653 P27701
CD95 Fas 7275 P25445
CD95L FasL 14080600 P48023
CD98 SLC3A2 17385 P08195
CD104 ITGB4 3871 P16144
CD105 ENG 15458, 15459 P17813, Q63961
CD107A LAMP1 18285 P11279
CD115 CSFR 876 P07333
CD117 Kit 588 P10721
CD120A TNF-R1 4952 P19438
CD122 IL2RB 4511 P14784
CD130 gp130 1105 P40189
CD135 FLT3 600 P36888
CD136 Ron 1945 Q04912
CD140A PDGFRA 1027 P16234
CD140B PDGFRB 634 P09619
CD147 BSG 17066 P35613
CD156B TACE 2708 P78536
CD167A DDR1 1902 Q08345
CD202B TIE2 1246 Q02763
CD206 MRC1 8058 P22897
CD207 langerin 20233 Q9UJ71
CD209 CD209 2453235 Q9NNX6
CD220 InsR 608 P06213
CD221 IGF1R 606 P08069
CD227 MUC1 1097 P15941
CD246 ALK 837 Q9UM73
CD253 TRAIL 3591377 P50591
CD257 BAFF 2541001 Q9Y275
CD263 TRAIL-R3 20481 O14798
CD264 TRAIL-R4 5117697 Q9UBN6
CD265 TNFRSF11A 2616654 Q9Y6Q6
CD271 NGFR 6681 P08138
CD274 PD-L1 19198 Q9NZQ7
CD281 TLR1 5135487 Q15399
CD282 TLR2 20211 O60603
CD284 TLR4 20213 O00206
CD289 TLR9 3574882 Q9NR96
CD304 NRP1 8370 O14786
CD309 VEGFR2 614 P35968
CD318 CDCP1 1125 Q9H5V8
CD326 EPCAM 5116351 P16422
CD339 JAG1 16992 P78504
CD340 HER2 1580 P04626