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KinomeView® Services

KinomeView® is a western blotting service in which we use our Motif Antibodies to provide a kinome-wide view of cellular phosphorylation. Cell Signaling Technology has developed Motif Antibodies that have broad immunoreactivity for serine, threonine, and tyrosine phosphorylation mediated by both known and unknown kinases. These antibodies can be employed sequentially in KinomeView western blotting followed by PhosphoScan® mass spectrometry studies.

The objective of KinomeView is to determine which Motif Antibodies detect phosphorylation that is responsive to the treatment under investigation. In KinomeView Services, we analyze sets of up to 14 client samples with Motif Antibodies plus controls. High-resolution western images are generated on the LI-COR Odyssey®, and the results determine which Motif Antibodies employ subsequent PhosphoScan mass spectrometry analysis. The Motif Antibodies that reveal changes in banding pattern with treatment in KinomeView will be the same antibodies used in PhosphoScan for LC-MS/MS analysis to identify and quantify hundreds to over a thousand phosphorylation sites and parent phosphoproteins.

This profiling service is also available as a kit, KinomeView® Profiling Kit #9812, to allow you a kinome-wide view of protein phosphorylation from your lab.

Illustration of Motif Antibody Coverage of the Kinome

Instructions: Click on a western blot image in the kinome below for a larger image and brief explanation of the proof-of-concept study shown. To zoom or print: right-click in the graphic for Windows, or control-click in the graphic for Macintosh.

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