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20 Years of Research, Reagents, and Lasting Relationships

On October 1, 2019, Cell Signaling Technology (CST) turns twenty.

For 20 years, CST has delivered sustainable, ethical, reproducible tools to move science forward. We’re so proud to say that our first products were made by scientists for scientists, and we’ve never looked back. Our team develops and rigorously validates each antibody so you can be absolutely certain on their sensitivity, specificity, and consistency as they go from our lab bench to yours.

CST 20th Anniversary

Over the last 20 years, it’s been our mission to support our local Community, make a lasting, positive impact on Scientific research, and provide products that ensure complete Trust in the results. We haven't done this alone — you’ve inspired us to think bigger and tackle greater challenges— we’ve Created Something Together. Thank you for standing with us. Thank you.


For the next 20 and beyond, we’ll keep delivering the most Consistent, Sensitive, and Trustworthy antibodies possible, because we believe every scientist can be successful when they choose the right reagents.

History of CST

We are built on our commitments: to our research and yours, to our communities, and to the planet. CST has always stood for Cell Signaling Technology, but over the last 20 years CST has also come to stand for Community, Science, and Trust. You also stand for something by using CST products to further your research. A lot has changed in 20 years, but our dedication to the important things has never wavered. Learn more about how we have grown over the years.

Antibody Validation at CST

As a company rooted in science, we are troubled by recent reports citing antibodies as one of the causes of scientific irreproducibility. Our mission has always been to produce and rigorously validate our products in-house so they will work dependably. Why? Because together, we can do better: we can set the standard and establish accountability that will reestablish faith in the published literature and confidence in our ability to advance biomedical research science. And we’re far from being complacent. Our continuing goal is to make the highest quality, most consistent antibodies that work the first time, every time.