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ChIP Validated Antibodies and Primer Pairs (Application Overviews)

SimpleChIP® Kits and Antibodies validated in-house by our antibody development scientists correlated to positive and negative control primers.

Protocol Compatibility Table for Immune Signaling and Phenotyping by Flow Cytometry (Table Resources)

Use our protocol compatibility table to understand which immune signaling and phenotyping antibodies will work together in your multicolor flow cytometry experiment.

Immuno-Parallel Reaction Monitoring (iPRM) (Proteomics Overviews)

iPRM is a multiplexed LC/MS assay service that combines the specificity of mass spectrometry, the throughput of an immunoassay, and the power of multiplexing to accelerate the time-to-market of your drug and/or diagnostic test.

Control Treatments by Target (Control Table)

A list of recommended cell types and treatments to be used as positive and negative controls for activation state specific antibodies

Antibody Validation for Flow Cytometry (Process Explanations)

Validation for flow cytometry antibodies from CST Cell Signaling Technology

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