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Developmental Biology and Stem Cells

Developmental Biology and Stem Cells

Developmental biology research focuses on the growth and organization of tissues in embryonic development and stem cells that maintain tissues and repair wounds. These mechanisms are regulated through an orchestration of signaling pathways that include Wnt, Hedgehog, Hippo, Notch, and TGF-β. When these pathways are aberrantly regulated it can result in cancer initiation, growth, and metastasis. Cancer stem cells (CSCs), are thought to be involved in tumor development, cell proliferation, metastasis, and resistance to chemo- and radio- therapies. Investigating CSCs could provide insight into cancer mechanisms and the development of novel therapeutics. Cell Signaling Technology (CST) offers a wide selection of validated products to interrogate the core developmental signaling pathways and fundamental mechanisms underlying normal development, the progression of cancer, as well as other degenerative diseases.

Developmental Biology Signaling

Development and cellular activities are regulated by a dynamic and intricate network of pathways and mechanisms coordinated through cell signaling, such as, the TGF-, Hippo, and Wnt/-catenin pathways. CST has a comprehensive selection of products to elucidate the signaling pathways responsible for the development of complex physiological systems and cancer pathogenesis.

Transcription Factors

Transcription factors are responsible for regulating gene expression, thereby affecting regulation and differentiation of stem cells, development, and tissue formation. Our diverse catalog of antibodies will enable the understanding of transcription factor activity and their role in regulating cellular development.

Stem Cell and Differentiation Markers

Understanding cell differentiation processes, in addition to the regulation of stem cell pluripotency and self-renewal, is important for understanding developmental disorders, and other related diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. CST offers a diverse catalog of products to detect and visualize specific markers of stem cell populations and verify differentiation status through techniques such as immunocytochemistry.

Epigenetic Regulation of Pluripotency and Differentiation

By activating or repressing gene expression, epigenetic modifications are important to maintain the pluripotency and differentiation potential of stem cells. CST provides a comprehensive selection of antibodies to investigate epigenetic regulation and changes that impact phenotype and cell structure.

Growth Factors

Growth factors direct stem cell development and differentiation towards distinct cell lineages. CST offers high-quality antibodies for the investigation and characterization of the cooperative actions of growth factors in differentiation and proliferation.

Developmental Biology Assays

CST offers rigorously validated ELISA assay kits to measure the activity of signaling pathways involved in normal development and disease.

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