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IF Companion Products

Application solutions for consistently better immunofluorescent analysis. These products are the same reagents used by our scientists when validating our primary antibodies, so we have the experience to support every step of your immunofluorescence experiment.

  • Secondary antibodies
  • Cellular dyes
  • Isotype controls
  • Blocking reagents and buffers
  • Inhibitors & activators
  • siRNA

Featured Image: DRAQ5® #4084 (fluorescent DNA dye).


Akt Signaling (Product Type Overviews)

Phospho-Akt product and resources including product citations, educational videos and pathways, product selection tools and comparison data from Cell Signaling Technology.

Applications (Application Overviews)

CST antibodies are extensively validated in-house for Western Blotting, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence and Chromatin Immunoprecipitation by dedicated scientists.

Caspase-3 Signaling (Product Type Overviews)

Cleaved caspase-3 product listings, product citation lists,product selection tools, comparison tables and educational resources for apoptosis signaling from Cell Signaling Technology.

Erk Signaling (Product Type Overviews)

Phospho-Erk product lists, product citation lists, product selection tools, comparison tables and educational resources for MAPK signaling from Cell Signaling Technology.

Immunofluorescence (Application Overviews)

Immunofluorescence-validated antibodies from CST Cell Signaling Technology

Product Citations for CST's Cleaved Caspase-3 Antibodies

Publications referencing CST's cleaved caspase-3 products organized by journal and year of publication for easy reference.

Protocols (Protocols)

Application protocols: easy to follow directions describing the step by step experimental procedure.

The Study of PI3K / Akt Signaling

Video Tutorial on PI3K / Akt Signaling created by CST on upstream stimuli and downstream effects on cellular events (autophagy, mTOR)

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