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Immunology and Immuno-Oncology

Harnessing the power of both the innate and adaptive immune systems has led to scientific breakthroughs in our ability to fight infections, alleviate immunodeficiencies, and combat autoimmune diseases and cancer. Reliable and validated antibodies are critical to obtaining consistent results that elucidate disease and therapeutic mechanism. Cell Signaling Technology (CST) offers a diverse selection of antibodies that assist in generating critical information for the development of novel immunotherapies and insights into the role of immunology in disease. Let our expert scientists along with our comprehensive selection of validated products provide solutions for your most important research needs.

Markers for Immune Phenotype and Function

Choosing the right antibody for immunophenotyping is critical to understanding the role of the immune system in diseases such as cancer. Applications like immunohistochemistry (IHC) and flow cytometry allow for multiplex monitoring of cell populations and both require stringent validation principles. Our CST antibody catalog is your source for leading immunophenotyping products.

Antibodies for Immuno-Oncology

The ability to understand immune regulatory mechanisms of cancer enables the development of novel approaches to activate therapeutic anti-tumor immunity. At CST, we offer scientific expertise and a wide selection of validated antibodies to help you get reliable and efficient data for a range of immuno-oncology techniques.

Antibodies for Immune Signaling

The regulation of immune cells occurs through a number of key signaling pathways involving a complex network of proteins that interact with one another, resulting in a distinct cellular response. CST has an extensive catalog of validated antibodies that can be applied to elucidate understanding of how immune signaling pathways control the function of the immune system during response to infection, disease pathogenesis, and immunotherapy.

Assays of Immune Function

CST offers a diverse catalog of validated assays for the characterization of immune cell function including cytotoxicity assays, proliferation assays, and ELISAs that enable observation immune pathway activation. Our scientists can provide direction for choosing assays and protocols that enable the generation of high-quality data.

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