Alternative Transportation Plan

CST’s US-based Alternative Transportation Program (ATP) offers financial incentives and up to two days off work to promote alternative transportation such as carpooling, walking, biking, or taking public transportation. The ATP is a key example of making a positive impact on the planet through employee engagement. CST has also made a number of improvements to our facilities to make them more commuter friendly including showers, indoor bike racks, and small lockers. In addition to our commitments to alternative transportation, CST provides a $1000 subsidy paid to employees who purchase Low Emission, Fuel Efficient (LEFE) vehicles. Drivers of LEFE vehicles have access to preferred parking spots closer to entrances to our buildings. In 2013, CST installed  two electric vehicle charging stations at both US facilities that offer with free charging for employees and registered visitors. Highlights of our Alternative Transportation Program include:

  • From  2012-2017 CST was awarded  the Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Commuter options by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • In 2014 our ATP was recognized with an Innovation Award for Excellence in Commuter Options
  • 718,936 single occupancy commuting miles avoided which is the equivalent to traveling around  the world 29 times!
    • 19,731 less gallons of fuel used
    • Over 200 tons of carbon emissions prevented from reaching the atmosphere
    • 30  LEFE vehicles registered since 2012
Car Charging Station