2016/2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

A report on CST's commitment to science, employees, community and the planet.


2016 Small Grants Program Report


Greenhouse Gas Management

We are proud to announce that CST has made a voluntary commitment to meet the climate goals set at the 2015 COP 21 Paris Climate Accords. CST will begin a year over year reduction of 3% greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2017. In 2009, CST first inventoried the carbon emissions of our U.S. facilities using the EPA’s voluntary Climate Leaders metric and has been tracking them on an annual basis ever since.  Our largest source of carbon emissions is directly tied to how much energy we consume for business operations at both U.S. facilities. We have developed an energy management program with a 15% reduction target by 2025, and we are working together with several departments to collaborate on ways to help minimize our carbon footprint. While CST is not directly affected by any governmental carbon regulation, we believe it our responsibility to record, report, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Chart