Responsible Marketing and Packaging

Thoughtful green design of our marketing and packaging materials has made CST a leader in our industry. CST's marketing and packaging materials are made from the highest amount of post consumer paper based on design. These materials include everything from product promotion pamphlets, to shipping envelopes, and antibody vial boxes. In addition to our commitment to using the highest percentages of post-consumer paper stock, the raw paper we use is certified by the  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In 2009, CST stopped shipping products in Styrofoam coolers because of its inability to decompose among other environmental concerns. We then began shipping our products using a new shipping cooler composed from cardboard, mineral rock slag wool and biodegradable plastic. This shipping cooler has the same thermal properties as a Styrofoam box but can degrade in a landfill. While we are proud of our track record in sustainable packaging materials, we are always thinking of new and creative means to improve our packaging to maintain product quality while minimizing our environmental impact.