2016/2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

A report on CST's commitment to science, employees, community and the planet.


Technical Support

Our scientists are at the bench daily to produce and validate our antibodies, so they have hands-on experience and knowledge of each antibody’s performance.

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Waste Management

With the goal of “zero waste to landfill,” CST makes a strong effort to manage our waste stream for minimal impacts on the environment. This commitment is seen in sustainable packaging of our products, compostable cafeteria ware, and recycling single-use lab plastics. We stock both our US cafeterias with 100% compostable plates, bowls, napkins, and cups. These materials are composted locally and turned into soil. The farm that handles our compost also delivers soil to our community garden gardens, so it’s a full-circle organic system. In the summer of 2016, CST transitioned to single stream recycling, which allows paper, plastic, glass, metal and cardboard to go in the same bin. This process makes the sorting process easier for employees, and allowed us to consolidate bins to make more space in break areas and hallways. In our general use labs, CST participates in the RightCycle program through the collection and recycling of nitrile gloves used in non-hazardous applications. This program allows CST to recycle around 150,000 pairs of gloves a year, to which the material is then reused for industrial and consumer products. Many of our sustainability programs are sparked from employee ideas and innovation, to which we have pursued employee-led innovation challenges on reusable cups and minimizing paper waste.

Waste Management Bins