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2015 CSR Report

A report on our sustainable practices as citizens of our local and global communities.



“At Cell Signaling Technology, we’ve tried to build our business around sustainable practices, always striving for the smallest possible environmental footprint.”

- Michael J. Comb, Ph.D., CEO & Founder, Cell Signaling Technology

As a global citizen, CST recognizes that our business has real impacts on the planet. We are constantly engaging in processes and actions that aim to lower our carbon footprint and limit the impact we make on the environment. In addition to incorporating sustainability into our own operations, CST also works within our communities to help restore ecosystems by supporting environmental organizations working in the field to promote conservation. This has been part of our mission since CST was founded in 1999.

To learn more about how CST is reducing environmental impact in our operations, please continue reading on our Sustainability page.

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