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UPDATED 2020 Grants Program


NEW Grant Application Deadline: Fall 2020, October 15th

Environmental stewardship is a core value that guides business decisions and the employee culture at CST. The Environmental Grants provide funding for projects aimed at ecosystem protection, wildlife research, and creative ways to engage communities in outdoor recreation and conservation. The 2020 CST grant program will change accordingly:

  • Environmental Grants will focus on supporting Massachusetts based organization in 2020. Applicants are asked to submit applications for grants up to $10,000 (USD), including a detailed budget. The requirement of project based" grants will be relaxed as we aim to support ongoing projects that have been hit financially this year. The new Environmental Grant deadline is now October 15, 2020.
  • Nonprofit organizations located in Massachusetts will be favored.
  • Funding will be prioritized toward organizations/projects benefiting many people.
  • Organizations that have already submitted a 2020 application in the Environmental category will have the opportunity to reapply under the new guidelines; otherwise, we will evaluate your existing application.

Grant Application Guidelines and Project Description Criteria

  1. Only non-profit organizations will be considered. Please include a copy of your IRS Form 501(c)3 as proof of non-profit status (required).
  2. Applications supporting groups or events that openly discriminate against others will not be reviewed or receive funding.
  3. Include a brief summary of your work including a detailed grant proposal with your application.
  4. Please describe why the funding is needed, who will benefit, the names of key people involved along with contact information, and a proposed budget including itemization. Attach any additional material that you feel will be useful for the committee, including price quotes.

Please contact us with your questions or concerns.