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PTMScan Proteomics Kit

The PTMScan® Proteomics System is a collection of products enabling you to access and use Cell Signaling Technology (CST) patented PTMScan technology, as a complement to CST PTMScan Services. The PTMScan Proteomics System provides PTMScan Motif antibodies ready for use in PhosphoScan®, UbiScan®, AcetylScan®, MethylScan®, or Cleaved Caspase Substrate PTMScan®. These are the identical antibodies utilized by CST in its PTMScan Services. The PTMScan Proteomics System is prepared to your order, and contains one or more custom preparations of Protein A bead-coupled PTMScan Motif antibody, which is validated for use in PTMScan. Each validated antibody conjugate is referred to as a “Motif IAP Bead” (IAP for “immunoaffinity purification”), and each is provided with a Per-Use License allowing you to perform CST’s patented PTMScan method with our Motif Antibodies provided in the System. The PTMScan Proteomics System also includes a detailed protocol describing the methods for cell sample preparation, IAP enrichment with the selected Motif IAP Beads, and peptide sample preparation for liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) analysis. For our customers with in-house expertise in mass spectrometry proteomics, the PTMScan Proteomics System provides a cost-effective means of accessing any of the CST Motif Antibodies and a Per-Use License to perform its powerful and proprietary PTMScan methodology.

PTMScan® Proteomics System Components

  • Protein A bead-coupled PTMScan® Motif Antibody – one or more of the 19 available
  • IAP Buffer
  • PTMScan Protocol
  • PTMScan Per-Use License

Note: Minimum purchase per Motif IAP Bead/License is an amount sufficient for five (5) licensed PTMScan uses/analyses.

System Features and Benefits

Complete Access: PTMScan Proteomics System is available with all of the CST PTMScan Motif antibodies employed in its PTMScan Service.

Flexibility: The PTMScan Proteomics System is built-to-order; the PTMScan Motif antibodies and the amount of each can be varied according to your specification and the number of PTMScan analyses you intend to perform. Each PTMScan Motif antibody within the System is provided in sufficient quantity to perform the number of PTMScan analyses as designated by you.

Quality and Validation: The PTMScan Proteomics System is a custom product. CST scientists custom prepare each Protein A bead-coupled PTMScan Motif antibody supplied for PTMScan, and validate each in PTMScan prior to shipment to ensure consistent and high quality performance.

Support: PTMScan is a technically challenging method and its successful use requires expertise in LC-MS/MS analysis. To facilitate your success with PTMScan, CST scientists in the PTMScan Service group are available to provide limited technical support as necessary. The PTMScan Service Group has extensive experience in using the technology with all PTMScan Motif antibodies and can provide guidance on performance of the method. A pilot PTMScan Service project may be useful to benchmark your success with PTMScan. If you anticipate extensive use of PTMScan in your research, and purchase over thirty-four (34) Per-Use Licenses, CST will provide on-site training at the CST PTMScan facilities and application support for the term of use.

Per-Use License: The PTMScan Proteomics System provides a limited Per-Use License that is restricted to allow performance of the CST PTMScan methods with only Motif IAP Beads purchased as part of CST PTMScan Proteomics System.