PathScan® Multiplex IF Kits from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) provide a novel multiplex assay to simultaneously assess signaling through key pathway nodes using automated imaging or laser scanning high content platforms, or manual immunofluorescence microscopy. The kits provide reagents necessary to perform 100 assays (based on 100 µl assay volume).

  • Kits allow the analysis of multiple pathway endpoints within a single sample, saving time and reagents.
  • Kits are produced and optimized in-house with the highest quality antibodies, providing you with the greatest possible specificity and sensitivity.
  • Technical support is provided by our in house IF group who developed the products and knows them best.

PathScan® Multiplex IF Kits

No. Name Applications Reactivity
No. Name Applications Reactivity
7851 PathScan® Apoptosis and Proliferation Multiplex IF Kit IF-IC, IF-P H, Mk
7967 PathScan® EGF Receptor Activation Multiplex IF Kit IF-IC, IF-P H, Mk, (M)
7771 PathScan® EMT Duplex IF Kit IF-IC, IF-P H, (M)
8999 PathScan® Signaling Nodes Multiplex IF Kit IF-IC H, M, R, Mk
Immunofluorescent analysis of MCF7

Immunofluorescent analysis of MCF7 (human breast adenocarcinoma) cells insulin-treated for 5 minutes, using PathScan® Signaling Nodes Multiplex IF Kit #8999.