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Our scientists are at the bench daily to produce and validate our antibodies, so they have hands-on experience and knowledge of each antibody’s performance.

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The table below lists shelf-life expectations for Cell Signaling Technology (CST) products. CST products can be expected to perform at optimal levels during the shelf-life period when stored under the recommended conditions. Reference dates are printed on CST product vials and exterior product packaging. These dates indicate the date (month and year) that a product vial was filled and packaged, respectively. Vial filling and packaging dates are not always the same. For single component products such as individual antibodies, the starting point for the expected shelf-life is indicated by the reference date printed on the vial label. For multi-component kit products the reference date printed on the barcoded kit box label indicates the starting point for the expected shelf-life.

Product Type Shelf-Life (Months)
Product Type Shelf-Life (Months)
Antibodies – Biotinylated 24
Antibodies – Dye Conjugated 12
Antibodies – HRP- and AP-linked Secondaries 24
Antibodies – Immobilized 24
Antibodies – Unconjugated 24
Antibody Arrays 6
Buffers 24
cAMP/cGMP Assay Kits 6
Cell Extracts 6
Cellular Dyes 24
Chemical Modulators 24*
ChIP Kits 12
ChIP Primers 24
Cytokines and Growth Factors 12†
ELISA Antibody Pairs 12
ELISA Kits – Aqueous Antibodies 6
ELISA Kits – Lyophilized Antibodies 12
IHC Control Slides 2
IHC Kits – Prediluted Antibodies 6
Kinases – Active Enzymes 12
LumiGlo Detection Systems 12
Peptides 24
PhosphoScan Kits 24
Protein MW Markers 24
Recombinant Proteins – Non-enzymatic 24
Senescence Staining Kit #9860 24
siRNA and siRNA Kits 24
SignalStain® Boost IHC Detection Reagents #8114 & #8125 12
SignalStain® Antibody Diluent #8112 12

*Lyophilized chemicals only.

†Lyophilized cytokine products are 12 months from date of purchase.

If you would like to know the expected shelf-life of a product that is not listed in this table please contact Technical Support.