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CellSimple™ Stem Cell Pluripotency Antibody Assay Kit
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CellSimple™ Stem Cell Pluripotency Antibody Assay Kit #62734

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Product Description

CellSimple™ Stem Cell Pluripotency Antibody Assay Kit is designed for use with the CellSimple™ Cell Analyzer. The kit allows for the quick and easy measurement of Nanog and Oct-4A, two key proteins that are specifically expressed in human pluripotent cells. The kit includes Nanog (D73G4) XP® Rabbit mAb (PE Conjugate) #14955 and Oct-4A (C30A3) Rabbit mAb (Alexa Fluor® 488 Conjugate) #5177.

Specificity / Sensitivity

Antibodies provided in the CellSimple™ Stem Cell Pluripotency Antibody Assay Kit detect endogenous levels of their respective target.


The CellSimple™ Cell Analyzer is a benchtop instrument that utilizes a disposable thin-film cassette and a combination of a 488 nm laser, two photomultiplier tubes (525/45 nm and 561 nm LP filters), Coulter Principle-based cell measurements, and on-board software to provide easy-to-run applications and data analysis. Data acquisition occurs within approximately 10 seconds per test. The instrument relies on disposable cassettes for sample handling, which alleviates the need for flow cell cleaning and fluidics maintenance and the instrument is small enough to be portable between the lab bench and the hood. Applications include quantitative assessments of cell viability, apoptosis, other labeled antibody markers and single and multiplexed bead-based assays for protein and cellular analysis.

Pluripotency is the ability of a cell to differentiate into cell types of the three germ layers, the endoderm, ectoderm, and mesoderm. It is a property shared by embryonic stem cells, embryonic carcinoma and induced pluripotent cells. Oct-4 and Nanog together with Sox2 are key transcriptional regulators that are highly expressed in pluripotent cells (1). Together they form a transcriptional network that maintains cells in a pluripotent state (2,3). Overexpression of Oct-4 and Sox2 along with Klf4 and c- Myc can induce pluripotency in both mouse and human somatic cells, highlighting their roles as key regulators of the transcriptional network necessary for renewal and pluripotency (4-5). Upon differentiation of pluripotent cultures, expression of Oct-4 and Nanog is induced.

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The Alexa Fluor dye conjugates in this product are sold under license from Life Technologies Corporation, for research use only excluding use in combination with DNA microarrays and high content screening (HCS).