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SimpleChIP® DNA Purification Buffers and Spin Columns
ChIP Kits & Reagents

SimpleChIP® DNA Purification Buffers and Spin Columns #14209

Product Includes Volume (with Count) Storage Temp
DNA Binding Buffer 1 x 30 ml RT
DNA Wash Buffer (add 4x volume ethanol before use) 1 x 6 ml RT
DNA Elution Buffer 2 x 1 ml RT
DNA Purification Columns and Collection Tubes 1 x 36 Pack RT

This product is offered to conveniently provide additional ChIP buffer reagents for preparing, immunoprecipitating, washing, and eluting chromatin using our SimpleChIP® (#9002, #9003) and SimpleChIP® Plus (#9004, #9005) Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kits, as well as our SimpleChIP® Sonication Chromatin IP kit (#56383). These SimpleChIP® kits provide all the reagents required for performing the recommended of chromatin preparations (or optimizations) and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays, however there are instances where extra ChIP Buffer, ChIP Elution buffer, and NaCl are desired.

The DNA purification columns combine the convenience of spin-column technology with the selective binding properties of a uniquely designed silica membrane that allows for efficient recovery of DNA and removal of protein contaminants without the need for phenol/chloroform extractions and ethanol precipitations. After DNA purification, the enrichment of particular DNA sequences can be analyzed by a variety of methods.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

Cell Signaling Technology is a trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
SimpleChIP is a registered trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

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