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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. A full listing of local contact information can be found at

Q. Will CST Continue to Ship Orders? Yes. WE ARE OPEN.

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) continues to fill, assemble, and ship orders of products. From a shipping perspective, we are in contact with our transportation partners to minimize delays.

Q. Will CST Continue to Take Custom Product Inquiries? Yes.

Yes. CST currently remains open and is taking custom product inquiries. At this time, we are experiencing slightly longer delivery times of which you will be notified within 48 hours of your request.

Once we return to full staffing for custom product preparation, we will return to normal delivery times. We appreciate your understanding during these unusual circumstances.

Q. Will Customer Service & Technical Support be Available? Yes.

Yes. Our Customer Service team is fully equipped to work remotely and remains available during regular business hours to help you with ordering needs.

Yes. Our Tech Support staff is also working remotely and available during our regular hours to help you with your research needs and answer any questions you have.

Q. What If I Can’t Receive Shipments? Call or email CST.

Call your local sales representative or feel free to call our customer service team. We are here to help you.

Customer Service: [email protected], 877-616-2388

Sales Department: [email protected], 877-616-2355

Q. Does CST Sell SARS-CoV2 Related Products? Yes.

CST has Antibodies, Reagents & Tools for Researching SARS-CoV-2. Please visit the page or feel free to reach out to your local sales representative.

Q. Where are CST products manufactured and components sourced? 95% in the United States.

Our core portfolio of primary antibodies, conjugates, and immunoassay kits are manufactured by CST in the United States at our Massachusetts manufacturing facility. A small number of additional products are sourced from US-based vendors. We are working closely with our critical suppliers to identify and mitigate risks in the supply of materials to manufacture our reagents and other products that we supply to you. In addition to the substantial product inventory in our global warehouses, we also maintain significant stocks of bulk finished goods material in our US-based manufacturing facility.

Q. When Will CST be Fully Staffed Again? As soon as it can be done safely.

CST is following public health authorities (e.g., CDC) guidance, as well as applicable laws and regulations. CST is committed to return to full operations as soon as it can be done safely.

Q. Does CST Have a Supplier Letter? Yes.

Please click to Download the CST Supplier Letter.