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Carrier-Free Custom Antibody Formulations

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Our high-quality, carrier-free antibody formulations (BSA- and azide-free) are guaranteed to work on your platform, ensuring experimental success. All ready-to-ship antibodies ship same-day or next-day.


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CST offers carrier-free and custom formulations whenever you need a specific antibody formulation. Over 99.5% of our recombinant monoclonal antibodies are developed in-house, giving us greater flexibility to quickly tailor formulations to meet your specifications.

We work with you to understand your research needs and customize the formulation for your assay and platform requirements. Custom formulations are ready to ship in 2-3 business days.

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Need a conjugate?

Browse ready-to-ship ELISA kits and antibody conjugates. Plus, CST offers custom conjugation and antibody labeling services.

Antibodies that Work on Your Platform*

Application** Example Platforms CST Custom Offerings
High-Throughput ELISA/Immunoassay

AlphaLISA, AlphaScreen


Luminex xMAP


Quanterix Simoa

Carrier-Free (BSA- and Azide- Free) Formulated Antibodies

Matched Antibody Pairs

Optimized Concentration

Customized Conjugation***

Spatial Biology

Leica Cell DIVE

Akoya Phenocycler (CODEX)

NanoString GeoMx, CosMx

Standard BioTools Hyperion

Canopy CellScape

10x Genomics Visium

Ultivue InSituPlex

Carrier-Free (BSA- and Azide- Free) Formulated Antibodies

Customized Conjugation***

Automated IHC

Roche Ventana

Leica Biosystems BOND

Agilent Dako

Optimized Concentration
Flow Cytometry

Standard BioTools Helios, CyTOF Plus

Flow Cytometry Platforms

Carrier-Free (BSA- and Azide- Free) Formulated Antibodies

Customized Conjugation***

* Recombinant monoclonal antibodies are tested and rigorously validated across multiple applications to ensure specificity.
** CST also provides products to support other applications.
*** Custom conjugation may only be available for some labels/platforms within the application.

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