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Employee Volunteer Program


As individuals, we give back through employee volunteer work. Because there are so many deserving volunteering organizations, CST partners with several nonprofits to make sure that we do good for those with the greatest need. It’s sometimes a struggle knowing you can’t help everyone, but it’s deeply satisfying to help those we can.

From 2018 to 2021, CST employees donated over 5,700 volunteer hours to local nonprofits. Volunteer participation has been as high as 71% of US employees. Almost 200 nonprofits have benefitted from employee time and effort.

Historically, our full-time employees were eligible for one volunteer day with pay each year. This meant that those who volunteer after work or on weekends are eligible to log up to 8 hours of leave. We are proud to be evolving our program to a "Dollars for Doers" concept where employees who log their time earn $15/hour in donations to the nonprofit that they are volunteering with. Nonprofits are eligible to earn up to $10K a year through this program. Many of the organizations our employees volunteer with are also recipients of our Grants Program. This gives CST the opportunity to see the “full circle”, from grant funding to direct aid and assistance.