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Annual Grants Program

CST Grant Application Deadline: Annually on May 1st

Grant Application Guidelines and Project Description Criteria

  • Only US-based, non-profit organizations will be considered. Please include a copy of your IRS Form 501(c)3 as proof of non-profit status (required).
  • Applications supporting groups or events that openly discriminate against others will not be reviewed or receive funding.
  • All grant recipients will be expected to submit an end of project report with photos, or give a project presentation within one year of the application deadline.
  • CST grants range from $500 to $10,000 and are project based.
  • When rating applications, CST grant committees consider the following:
    • The number of individuals who will be impacted through funding of the project and/or materials provided
    • Whether the project will have a lasting impact or require repeated funding
    • Whether project completion can be accomplished with grant funds or require additional funds
    • The clarity and completeness of the application
  • CST grant committees favor funding clearly-defined projects, events, or purchase of specific goods or services rather than salaries. However, we also understand that non-profit projects require staff members, educators, and guides. We review salaries and organizational expenses on a case-by-case basis.
  • On your application, please be sure to provide a brief summary of why the project is being undertaken, who immediately benefits from the project, a detailed grant proposal, and an itemized budget. You may attach any additional material that you feel will be useful for the committee, such as notification of other funding or grants you have secured, but please refrain from including extraneous materials.