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Sustainable Travel and Transportation

Alternative Transportation 1

Alternative Transportation Program

Eliminating fossil fuel use in our daily lives helps combat climate change and improve planetary health. A key way to create positive change is by changing how we commute. CST encourages employees to reduce their environmental footprint and earn donations to approved non-profits of their choice through the Alternative Transportation Program.

If employees walk, run, bike, scooter, skateboard, carpool, motorcycle and/or commute to work using public transportation, they earn points towards a donation to an approved non-profit they are passionate about.

There have been 90 participants in the Alternative Transportation Program since 2018.

Electric Vehicles

CST has committed to the future of electric vehicles (EV). We offer a rebate paid to employees who purchase an EV for their personal vehicle. There are a total of 22 charging stations installed at US facilities that are free to use and open to the public.

Alternative Transportation 2

EV charging station at Trask Lane facility.

Sustainable Business Travel

As a global business, a certain amount of international travel is necessary. Offsetting the carbon footprint of these activities is also becoming a priority throughout the organization.

The CST Netherlands office tracks and offsets all greenhouse gas emissions associated with air travel. They reduce CO2 emissions by using green seats for each flight and working closely with Climate Neutral Group to invest in climate projects, like the Borehole Uganda Project. By offsetting and flying 100% climate neutral, we minimize our impact on the climate and give people in a country like Uganda access to clean energy and a better standard of living.


Jeske Koomen from our Netherlands office visited the Borehole Uganda Project that was funded through our commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions calculated through business travel.