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Rat IgG2a

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Product Information

Product Usage Information

Application Dilution
Western Blotting 1:1000
Flow Cytometry (Fixed/Permeabilized) 1:400


Supplied in 10 mM sodium HEPES (pH 7.5), 150 mM NaCl, 100 µg/ml BSA, 50% glycerol and less than 0.02% sodium azide. Store at –20°C. Do not aliquot the antibody.

Specificity / Sensitivity

SH2D1A (XLP 1D12) Rat mAb detects endogenous levels of total SH2D1A protein.

Species Reactivity:


Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a recombinant full-length SH2D1A protein.


SH2D1A and SH2D1B are small, adaptor proteins with a single SH2-domain that play important signal transduction roles mediated by the signaling lymphocytic activation molecule (SLAM) family receptors (1). SH2D1A (also called SAP or SLAM-associated protein) is frequently mutated in patients with X-linked lymphoproliferative disease (Duncan’s disease), which is characterized by extreme susceptibility to Epstein-Barr virus; approximately 50 different SH2D1A mutations have been reported to date (2-4). The single SH2D1B gene in humans (also called EAT-2 or Ewing's sarcoma's/FLI1-activated transcript 2) is present as a pair of duplicated EAT-2A and EAT-2B genes with identical genomic organization in mouse and rat (5,6).

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Species Reactivity

Species reactivity is determined by testing in at least one approved application (e.g., western blot).

Western Blot Buffer

IMPORTANT: For western blots, incubate membrane with diluted primary antibody in 5% w/v nonfat dry milk, 1X TBS, 0.1% Tween® 20 at 4°C with gentle shaking, overnight.

Applications Key

WB: Western Blotting FC-FP: Flow Cytometry (Fixed/Permeabilized)

Cross-Reactivity Key

H: human M: mouse R: rat Hm: hamster Mk: monkey Vir: virus Mi: mink C: chicken Dm: D. melanogaster X: Xenopus Z: zebrafish B: bovine Dg: dog Pg: pig Sc: S. cerevisiae Ce: C. elegans Hr: horse GP: Guinea Pig Rab: rabbit All: all species expected

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SH2D1A (XLP 1D12) Rat mAb

Western Blotting Image 1: SH2D1A (XLP 1D12) Rat mAb Expand Image
Western blot analysis of total cell lysates from Molt4 and Jurkat cells using SH2D1A (XLP 1D12) Rat mAb.
Flow Cytometry Image 1: SH2D1A (XLP 1D12) Rat mAb Expand Image
Flow cytometric analysis of Jurkat cells using SH2D1A (XLP 1D12) Rat mAb (blue) compared to a nonspecific negative control antibody (red).