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About Our Images

The images you see in CST datasheets have a story to tell.

Everything gets validated, and we do it in-house.

Like many scientists, we are skeptical by nature. That’s why we perform extensive testing on every antibody we develop to determine if it is highly sensitive and specific. Wherever possible, we use multiple cell types, multiple methods, and specific controls to verify that the product will generate biologically relevant results. If a product doesn’t measure up for any reason, we don’t release it. The validation data we use to judge product performance is the same data you see on our datasheets.

We work hard in support of good science, and we share what we learn.

Our validation data images look good for a reason. With years of experience performing antibody applications, we have optimized protocols that generate clean, sensitive results. Having the primary data in our lab notebooks means we can tell you the exact materials and methods we used to test each product. We share our expertise and data openly so you can get results that look just as good as ours.

Data integrity and transparency are core values at CST.

We are committed to preserving the scientific integrity of the data, and do not tolerate any distortion of product data images. Still skeptical? Contact us for technical support. CST Product Scientists welcome the opportunity to share our primary data with you, often including unpublished results (cell lines tested, protocol variations, etc.) that could help your research effort.

How We Prepare Images

Western blot analysis of extracts from various cell lines using PCNA (D3H8P) XP® Rabbit mAb #13110.