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Community Garden and Pollinator Protection


We only get one planet. Its survival and our own are inextricably linked. We also seek to take physical corrective action where we can. These represent some of our initiatives to promote planetary health.

Community Gardens

A community garden is maintained by the CST Garden Club, teaching individuals how to grow their own produce, promoting plant-based diets, healthy soil, and biodiversity. Harvested produce is available to employees and has been served in our cafeterias.


Community gardens at the Trask Lane facility.

Pollinator Protection

Pollinator gardens are key landscaping features of our US facilities, and offer pollinators access to wildflowers in more continuous open spaces. To protect our pollinators, we have made a commitment to no pesticide use onsite for landscaping. CST has active beehives at both US facilities to educate and engage employees on the importance of pollinators.


The CST Garden Club grows flowers for local pollinators.