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Proteomics Analytical Services

Proteomics Analytical Services

Proteomics can help early discovery teams identify and validate drug targets, uncover critical biomarkers for pharmacology groups, determine on- and off-target effects, and the mechanism of action during the development process. Not a proteomics expert? You don’t have to be. As an innovator in proteomics discovery for over 20 years and inventor of PTMScan® Technology, CST has the deep scientific expertise to take on your most complex proteomics projects.

Consultative Approach

On-Time Answers

Our fast, reliable timelines* for proteomics results give you the actionable information needed to make informative decisions quickly to keep projects on track. Our scientists work with you to understand your goals and provide guidance on service options and experimental design, to make sure the results are meaningful and advance your discovery research efforts.

Actionable Data and Analysis

Comprehensive Coverage

CST provides the most comprehensive suite of proteomics services to probe mechanistic cell biology and guide translational research. This encompasses total protein profiling and 20 most critical types of post-translational modifications (PTMs), with more in the pipeline. Thorough quantitative proteomics and bioinformatic results are organized with expert analysis to deliver mechanistic insight in an easy-to-understand data package. Statistically relevant differences are highlighted, so there’s no guesswork and you can confidently identify critical biomarkers from your model study.

*Specific project timelines vary depending on the complexity and size of the service project.


Our Tailored Approach Starts with Your Needs

Even the smallest projects can generate big data in proteomics discovery. That’s why CST experts oversee your project from initial planning, determining sample requirements and experimental design, to interpretation of results. We’re invested in making sure you understand and leverage the most insight from your proteomics study.

Services Services

Initial Consultation

Sample Preparation

Our scientists meet with you to understand your discovery needs and determine which services will work best. You prepare samples using protocols provided by CST and ship to our lab.
Services Services

Sample Processing

Data Delivery

CST performs all experimental steps including lysis, digestion, PTM enrichment, and Mass Spectrometry (MS) analysis.

We generate a comprehensive, easy to understand data package.

Post-Study Consultation


Our scientists meet with you to discuss the results, highlight the findings and address any questions you may have about the project.


Demystifying Proteomics

A limited number of genes can generate a tremendous level of complexity at the protein level due to processes such as alternative splicing and posttranslational modification.

PTMs are essential for many cellular functions like protein activity, subcellular localization, degradation, and protein-protein interactions.

Bio-analytical applications that probe both a wide range of PTMs and global changes in protein levels provide insight into both normal and disease-based biology otherwise not feasible at the genetic level. A holistic proteomic analysis can also provide critical information to accelerate drug development efforts by identifying specific biomarkers for early disease progression or as indicators for drug efficacy or dosing.

Demystifying Proteomics

Total Proteomics: Quantitate and Compare Protein Expression Across Samples

TMT Total Proteome Profiling Services: Profiles protein abundance in cells and tissues using multiplexed sample labeling with Tandem Mass Tags (TMT) and LC-MS/MS*.

Membrane-Enriched Total Proteome Service: Identifies and quantifies membrane proteins in a total proteome study for a more complete view of proteins on the cell surface.

Proteomics Discovery: Understand the Identity and Role of Post-Translational Modifications in Your Samples

PTMScan Discovery Proteomics Services: Identifies and quantifies thousands of even low abundance post-translational modification sites in your sample including phosphorylation, ubiquitination, acetylation, and other important common PTMs.

IMAC Service: Quantitating Ser/Thr phosphorylation by Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) enrichment and analysis identifies thousands to tens of thousands of sites with minimal protein sample (<500 μg).

PTMScan Multi-Pathway Service: Enables the identification and quantification of hundreds to thousands of critical signaling nodes across various pathways involved in cancer biology, immune cell signaling, metabolic disease, and more.

Pathway Mapping Service: Your proteomics results are mapped onto canonical pathways and new interaction networks using Qiagen Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis software. Please inquire for more information.

* CST is an officially licensed provider of TMT services. Available for customers based in the US, UK and EU only.