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Drug Discovery Solutions Powered by CST

De-Risk Your Project with Drug Discovery Solutions Powered by CST

As a company of scientists engaged in cellular and molecular research ourselves, we understand that the quality of the tools, reagents, and services you need to move a drug discovery or development project ahead is critical. It’s critical to the accuracy of your results, and critical to achieving those results faster. That’s why we’re so fanatical about providing our customers around the world with nothing but tested, proven solutions—including best-in-class antibodies that are highly specific, rigorously validated, and optimized for use on many discovery platforms.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of verified products and services created to help you achieve experimental success in a broad cross-section of research areas, including oncology, immunotherapy, cell therapy, neurodegeneration, and targeted protein degradation.

Whether you need dependable off-the-shelf reagents, custom formulations that offer guaranteed consistency, or expert services precisely matched to the research you’re doing, CST is your best resource for drug discovery and assay development solutions that can get you to the finish line faster.

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Solutions to Support Drug Discovery Research

Tools for Therapeutic Research

Scientists at CST have spent decades developing a deep knowledge of the biology and targets most relevant to therapeutic research. We understand how crucial it is to get trustworthy results that will keep your project moving forward. Our ever-growing list of top-quality products and services helps drug discovery and development scientists identify key biomarkers and therapeutic targets as they work to discover novel treatments for diseases in many fields.

Products and Services

With a comprehensive suite of best-in-class products, along with custom services meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs, CST is your best choice for getting reliable results fast. From custom conjugation guaranteed to meet your requirements to antibody formulations optimized for your platform, you can count on CST to deliver precisely what you need—when you need it.

Platform-Ready Antibodies for High-Throughput Assays

The success or failure of any discovery or development project often hinges on how well an antibody performs on your assay platform. We maintain unmatched quality control by making nearly everything we sell and validating 100% of our antibodies in-house. Which is why the world's most cited antibodies are made by CST—and why we can guarantee them to work as expected. Every time. Platform-ready antibodies from CST are ideal for use on many of the most prevalent discovery platforms.

Partnerships and Licensing

Why collaborate with CST?

When you collaborate with the experts at CST, you open a world of possibilities to streamline your development pipeline. As your trusted partner with decades of hands-on scientific expertise, we build a relationship with you, diving into the details of your project to truly understand your unique needs.

We bring a deep knowledge of disease signaling pathways and unparalleled technical experience to the table, along with a reliable product supply chain, award-winning products, and custom services tailored to suit your project. By aligning our technical skills and decades of strategic commercial experience with your vision from the outset, we aim to minimize risks and maximize your commercial achievements.

Our broad spectrum of interests encompasses technology licensing, scientific partnerships, and commercial collaborations, making us a versatile ally for your endeavors. Whether you are at the forefront of discovery or navigating the complexities of late-stage clinical development, we stand ready to support you every step of the way.

CST® monoclonal antibodies are rigorously validated, highly specific, and ideal for multiple assay platforms. And we are always happy to share the data that supports our product performance advantages. So you can be confident from the start that when you choose CST, our products and services will continue to support you downstream.

We work hard to ensure you have the support you need to drive groundbreaking discoveries. Our commitment to flexibility, responsiveness, and transparency means that together, we can forge partnerships that deliver mutual benefits and drive shared success.

Ready to embark on a transformative collaboration? Connect with us today to explore the endless possibilities in Partnerships & Licensing with CST.