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Environmental & Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Doing good science is important. So is just doing good.

As a global company of caring people driven by a devotion to facilitating good science, we are committed to doing the right thing for our customers, our communities, and our planet. The business of antibodies at CST has always been about advancing science first and foremost—and each discovery made becomes knowledge that benefits all.

Once you start thinking that big, you start looking for new ways to make the world better. How can we help fight climate change? How can we give back to communities near and far, scientific or otherwise? Beyond our research tools, what else can we give?

These questions aren’t easily answered, but the most important thing is to do good. One tenet we’ve lived since the beginning is the idea of continuous improvement. Take what you can do today and make it better tomorrow. Small enhancements can yield big results. We have prioritized our impact areas into these pillars: Innovation & Operations, Culture & Community, and Planet & Health.

CST is a company of scientists working for scientists. We understand how frustrating it is to use tools that don’t work. Each experiment ought to be a success, even if the resulting data aren’t what you predicted. Validation data and knowledge sharing help deliver discoveries and promote advancements that benefit all.

Delivering expert scientific collaboration is a foundational part of who we are and what we do. Our focus is on making all that important work more sustainable, acting responsibly with our product development and production processes, and that each employee is set up for success in the safest possible work environment.

Community exists on the smallest of scales but extends the world over. Everyone in a company shares a culture, with subcultures in each group and department. It’s important to us that we do good equally, helping each other within the company and those around us, near and far.

So many things contribute to a rich and vibrant culture: the arts and humanities, giving and activism, how we celebrate accomplishments and recognize excellence. Perhaps the most important component is how we help each other when we see a need.

We strive to build employee engagement to foster a positive work culture and an inclusive company community through corporate partnerships, volunteering, and giving, to engage our employees in good citizenship and work/life balance. To give back to our communities, we focus on inspiring the next generation of scientists, protecting the environment, helping the underserved, and supporting the arts.

There’s no question that the planet is in crisis—the effects of climate change are evident. The only question we face is: what can we do about it? It’s easy to dismiss individual action when that contribution seems too small to make a difference. CST believes that corporate action must be paired with sustainable actions we can all take in our everyday lives. We must empower employees, customers, and our communities with the tools to create positive change.

The life science industry does a lot of good. However, we also use a lot of energy and resources in the process. Our focus is to continue to make the best research tools we can, but cut our greenhouse gas emissions in the process. To operate safely while trying to eliminate single-use items. And to think creatively about transport options and how our individual footprints together form the whole.

CST will continue to strengthen and globalize our corporate social responsibility efforts and giving through an inspiring philanthropy goal. Our pledge to donate 1% of our annual revenue to 1% for the Planet-approved organizations certifies our commitment to people and the planet.