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Engagement Committees and Events

Engagement Committees and Events 1

CST employees in Danvers, Massachusetts enjoy home-cooked meals from their coworkers’ homelands, an annual tradition we call The Multicultural Potluck.

Balance is so important, especially when it comes to engagement. Are we creating opportunities to get involved in all the areas we value: work/life balance, creating positive change, helping others and the environment?

Employee engagement opportunities at CST include:

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Community and Environmental Speaker Series
  • Lunch and Learn Knowledge Sharing
  • Friday Company Talks
  • Hobby and Interest Series
  • Clubs and Teams
  • Multicultural Potluck
  • Employee Concerts
  • Community Volunteering
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Engagement Committees and Events-B
Engagement Committees and Events-C
Engagement Committees and Events-D

In 2021, CST officially completed our first-ever international cycling fundraising ride Stofwisselkracht (Metabolic Force) to raise money for metabolic disease in children. Employees from across the globe rallied to support this important cause.

17-20% of our employees at CST serve on our committees and boards for a 2-4- year term. This truly means that the voices driving our awards are those of our employees.

Employee-run committees at CST:

  • Grant Committees
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Internship Committee
  • 401K Committee
  • Volunteer Committee
  • Employee Engagement Committee
  • Event Planning Committee
Engagement Committees and Events 3

Employees volunteering outside of a local grocery store collecting donations to support our valued nonprofit Community Partner, Beverly Bootstraps.

Engagement Committees and Events 4

Employees hard at work assembling furniture for local nonprofit A Bed for Every Child.