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Environmental Grants

Community Grants

A portion of our annual giving through our Grants Program is earmarked for environmental causes. These funds help support local conservation and preservation projects, address the loss of biodiversity, and engage the public with nature. Every year, our Environmental Grant Committee always has a stack of quality proposals to sort through. Of course, it would be wonderful to fund everything. Here are a few of the organizations receiving grants:

CST awarded $293 K in 46 environmental grants from 2018-2021. These helped preserve habitats and wildlife and provide preservation education.

Environmental grants are 100% managed by employees who serve on our Environmental Grants Committee. They review annual proposals from across the globe. Up to 20% of the grants are awarded globally.

Grant Program

Environmental stewardship is a core value that guides business decisions and the employee culture at CST. The Environmental Grants program provides an opportunity for CST to fund projects aimed at ecosystem protection and improvement, wildlife research, pollution and waste reduction, environmental education and engagement, and conservation.

Applications for grants will be accepted through May 1st annually. Priority will be given to action-oriented projects with at least 70% of the overall funding going to projects that have direct impact on the environment, ecosystems, and research. The remaining funds will be allocated to education and engagement projects.

  • We encourage applications from both rural and urban areas.
  • Organizations registered in the state of Massachusetts, or specifically on the North Shore of Boston, will be favored over organizations in other geographic areas.
  • Applicants will be notified of decisions by the end of July.

To apply for a grant, visit our Grants Program Application page.

Environmental Corporate Partners

Greenbelt 2018-2021 | $27 K: Championing conservation of farmland, wildlife habitats, and scenic landscapes throughout the Essex County region.

Community Grants

Aerial view of Russell Orchards in Ipswich, Massachusetts, protected by our Corporate Partner, Greenbelt. Greenbelt works within the 34 cities and towns of Essex County, Massachusetts, helping individuals, families, municipalities, and organizations realize their conservation goals.

Ipswich River Watershed Association 2018-2021 | $50 K: The voice of the Ipswich River, protecting nature and ensuring that there is enough clean water for people, fish, and wildlife—for today and future generations.