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Greenhouse Gas and Energy Management

Energy Management

CST has an ambitious, science-based climate goal to achieve net-zero emissions by the 30th anniversary of our founding, in 2029. We’re doing this through energy conservation measures and equipment upgrades, purchasing energy-efficient, ultra-low-temperature freezers, upgrading fume hoods and biosafety cabinets, and installing onsite renewables.

Onsite renewables ensure the use of clean energy and help reduce CST greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Solar panels have been installed at our Trask Lane and Tozer Road facilities in the US.

Solar at Trask Lane has generated 323 MWh over its lifetime and avoided 194 MTCDE

Solar at Tozer Road has generated 776 MWh over its lifetime and avoided 466 MTCDE

MWh = Megawatt Hours, MTCDE = Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

Electric vehicle charging stations are also available at Trask Lane and Tozer Road facilities.


EV charging station at Trask Lane facility.