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Product Sizing: Our User-Oriented Approach

Product size defined by assays, not by total protein

CST antibodies are packaged according to the number of assays that a user can expect to perform, rather than by the amount of total protein provided in the vial.

Antibody suppliers typically suggest a range of dilutions to use or, for some applications, no recommended dilutions at all. In contrast, CST specifies an optimal dilution and protocol for each antibody and for each application we recommend. We can do this because we validate every lot of each product in-house for the recommended application.

Product Sizing

Why does optimization for each application matter?

CST products can be used in experiments directly, saving time and reagents that would otherwise be consumed in optimizing the antibody dilution. For each new lot of antibody produced, CST product scientists re-test the optimal dilution for each application and adjust the antibody concentration, if necessary, so that you experience consistent lot-to-lot performance.

In short, our approach is to take the extra effort needed to make your research easier and more productive.