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How We Select Our Antibody Targets

At Cell Signaling Technology (CST), we approach the process of antibody target selection by focusing on the needs of researchers for highly specific, rigorously validated antibodies for emerging and active areas of investigation.

A strategic focus, supported by research collaborations

Our Target Selection Committee is comprised of CST scientists with deep product development experience within specific research areas. Their development focus is informed by knowledge of the publications in their space, frequent discussions with colleagues and collaborators from academic institutions around the world, and active attendance at scientific conferences.

Target Selection Committee

Up-front focus on key applications

The selection of a new antibody target includes not only the target protein and sites of post-translational modifications, but also a specific set of applications appropriate to the needs of researchers in the relevant field. These applications may include immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), flow cytometry (F), immunoprecipitation (IP), and western blot (WB).

Since we control all aspects of the antibody development process in-house, we can select clones that exhibit the desired performance. Frequently this involves early-stage screening of antibody source materials using the key applications identified for each antibody by the Target Selection Committee. This is just one example of the many strategies we employ to ensure that CST is developing antibodies that meet our customers’ emerging scientific interests.