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How to Analyze Multiple Markers in Tissue Samples Using Multiplex IHC

Multiplex IHC enables a deeper understanding of co-expression and spatial organization of multiple targets within preserved tissue architecture, especially important when tissue samples are limited.

Ability to visualize multiple targets simultaneously is important in cancer immunology research, where it is necessary to catalog subsets of immune and cancer cells within the tumor microenvironment.

Reliable, IHC-Validated Antibodies Are Central to a Multiplex IHC Assay

In multiplex IHC, as well as in single or dual chromogenic IHC, using application-validated antibodies against relevant targets is crucial to obtaining reliable results. In addition, there are important protocol and technical considerations for selecting and using antibodies in multiplex assays.

Learn how to design a multiplex IHC assay. Download the latest application note.

Multiplexing Options

Our extensive validation and advanced technical support ensures that all of our IHC-P-validated antibodies can be used for various methods of multiplex IHC.