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CSD Protein Domain

Chromatin Remodeling: CSD Domain

The Swi6 CSD.

Domain Binding and Function

The Chromo Shadow Domain (CSD) is a 40–70 amino acid domain that occurs only in proteins that also contain a chromodomain (CD). While both CSD and CD are structurally similar, they differ in function during protein-protein interactions. CSD lacks the hydrophobic sash believed to mediate CD interactions. CSDs form stable dimers, with dimerization generating an interaction pit that may allow for docking with partner proteins that contain an extended hydrophobic pentapeptide motif.

Structure Reference

  1. Cowieson, N.P. et al. (2000) Curr. Biol. 10(9), 517–525.

Examples of Domain Proteins

Chromatin Remodeling: CSD Domain

Binding Examples

CSD Domain Proteins Binding Partners
Swi6 Homotypic interaction
HP1 Ku70, Su(var)3-7