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GRIP Protein Domain

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The GRIP domain of golgin-245.

Domain Binding and Function

The GRIP domain was originally identified as a conserved C-terminal domain present in a group of Golgi proteins isolated from yeast and mammals. GRIP domains interact with members of the Arf/Ar1 family of small GTPases, including Arl1 and Arl3. The GRIP domain structure consists of an S-shaped configuration of three helices with a concave and a convex face. The domain can form a head to tail homodimer that allows for Arl1-GTP protein interaction. Presence of this domain may be conserved within eukaryotic Golgi targeting pathways.


The structure shown is the crystal structure of the GRIP domain from golgin-245 in complex with Arl1-GTP, a member of the ARF/Arl small GTPase family. The interaction is predominantly mediated through hydrophobic interactions with the switch II region of Arl1. The GRIP domain also forms a tight homodimer where each subunit interacts independently with one Arl1-GTP; such dimerization appears to be required for GRIP domain-mediated Golgi targeting.

Structure Reference

  1. Panic, B. et al. (2003) Mol. Cell 12(4), 863–874.

Examples of Domain Proteins

Other: GRIP Domain

Binding Examples

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