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MIU Protein Domain

Ubiquitin Binding: MIU Domain

The MIU domain of Rabex-5 bound to Ubiquitin (red).

Domain Binding and Function

The MIU (Motif Interacting with Ubiquitin) domain binds to ubiquitin in a manner similar to that seen during interactions between the UIM domain and ubiquitin, although MIU binds ubiquitin in the opposite orientation. MIU domains have a similar structure to UIM domains, as both domains require a critical Ala residue for ubiquitin binding. MIU-containing proteins bind poly-ubiquitin chains linked through Lys48 or Lys63 of ubiquitin. The presence of MIU domains in proteins such as Myosin VI and Rabex-5 suggest a putative role for MIU domains in ubiquitin-dependant vesicular trafficking.

Structure Reference

  1. Penengo, L. (2006) Cell 124(6) 1183-1195.

Examples of Domain Proteins

Ubiquitin Binding: MIU Domain

Binding Examples

MIU Domain Proteins Binding Partners
Myosin VI Mono- and poly- ubiquitin
RNF168 Mono- and poly- ubiquitin
Rabex-5 Mono- and poly- ubiquitin