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NZF Protein Domain

Ubiquitin Binding: NZF Domain

The NZF domain of Npl4 bound to zinc (blue) ubiquitin (red).

Domain Binding and Function

The NZF (Npl4 Zinc Finger) domain is a compact zinc-binding module found in many proteins involved in ubiquitin-dependent processes. The approximately 35 amino acid NZF domain forms a compact module composed of four anti-parallel β-strands linked by three ordered loops organized about a rubredoxin-like Zn(Cys)4 metal-binding site. NZF domains typically contain an x(4)-W-x-C-x(2)-C-x(3)-N-x(6)-C-x(2)-C-x(5) consensus sequence. The NZF domain is found in more than 100 proteins, while numerous other proteins containing recognizable variants of the NZF motif. While many NZF domains bind mono- and polyubiquitin, not all NZF domains can bind ubiquitin.

Structure Reference

  1. Alam S.L. et al. (2004) EMBO J. 23, 1411–1421.

Examples of Domain Proteins

Ubiquitin Binding: NZF Domain

Binding Examples

NZF Domain Proteins Binding Partners
RanBP2 Ubiquitin
Vps36/ESCRT-II Ubiquitin
Npl4 zinc finger Ubiquitin