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UEV Protein Domain

Ubiquitin Binding: UEV Domain

The UEV domain of TSG101 bound to ubiquitin (red).

Domain Binding and Function

The Ubiquitin E2 variant (UEV) domain is a ubiquitin binding domain of ~145 amino acids. The UEV domain structure contains a characteristic α/β fold similar to that of the canonical E2 enzyme, with an additional N-terminal helix and lacks the two C-terminal helices. Found in TSG101/Vps23 proteins, the UEV interacts with an ubiquitin molecule and is essential for the trafficking of a number of ubiquitylated cargoes to MVBs. Furthermore, the UEV domain can bind to Pro-Thr/Ser-Ala-Pro peptide ligands, which is exploited by viruses including HIV. Thus, the TSG101 UEV domain binds to the PTAP tetrapeptide motif in the viral Gag protein that is involved in viral budding.

Structure Reference

  1. Sundquist, WI et al. (2004) Molecular Cell 13(6): 783–9.

Examples of Domain Proteins

Ubiquitin Binding: UEV Domain

Binding Examples

UEV Domain Proteins Binding Partners
TSG101 Ubiquitin