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CK1 Protein Kinases Group

Accession numbers and SwissProt IDs are hyperlinked to PhosphoSitePlus®:

CK1 group. CK1alpha Swiss-Prot P48729 CK1alpha2 Swiss-Prot Q8N752 CK1delta Swiss-Prot P48730 CK1epsilon Swiss-Prot P49674 CK1gamma1 Swiss-Prot Q9HCP1 CK1gamma3 Swiss-Prot Q9Y6M4 CK1gamma2 Swiss-Prot P78368 TTBK1 Swiss-Prot Q96JH2 TTBK2 Swiss-Prot O94932 VRK1 Swiss-Prot Q99986 VRK2 Swiss-Prot Q99987 VRK3 Swiss-Prot Q9P2V8