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Jak/Stat Utilization Table

The Jak/Stat Utilization Table tabulates the combinatorial use of tyrosine kinases and Stat proteins in cytokine/growth factor signaling.

Ligand Receptor Jak-kinase Other Tyrosine Kinases Stat Family Members
IL-6 IL-6Ra+gp130 Jak1,2, Tyk2 Hck Stat1, Stat3
IL-11 IL-11R+gp130 Jak1,2, Tyk2 Src, Yes Stat3
CNTF, CT-1, LIF, OSM CNTFR+gp130, CT-1R+gp130, LIFR+gp130, OSMR+gp130 Jak1,2, Tyk2 Src family Predominant: Stat3
Secondary: Stat1,5
G-CSF G-CSFR Jak2, Tyk2 Lyn Stat3
IL-12 (p40+p35) IL-12Rβ1+IL-12Rβ2 Jak2, Tyk2 Lck Stat4
Leptin LeptinR Jak2 not determined Stat3,5,6
IL-3 IL-3Rα+βc Jak2 Fyn, Hck, Lyn Stat3,5,6
IL-5 IL-5R+βc Jak2 Btk Stat3,5,6
GM-CSF GM-CSFR+βc Jak2 Hck, Lyn Stat3,5
Angiotensin GPCR Jak2, Tyk2   Stat1,2,3
Serotonin GPCR Jak2   Stat3
α-Thrombin GPCR Jak2   Stat1,3
Chemokines CXCR4 Jak2,3    
IL-2 IL-2Rα+IL-2Rb+γc Jak1,2,3 Fyn, Hck, Lck, Syk, Tec Stat3,5
IL-4 IL-4Rα+γcR or IL-4Rα+IL-13Rα1 Jak1,3 Lck, Tec Stat6
IL-7 IL-7R+γc Jak1,3 Lyn Stat3,5
IL-9 IL-9R+γc Jak1,3 not determined Stat1,3,5
IL-13 IL-13Rα1+ IL-4Rα Jak1,2, Tyk2 Ctk Stat6
IL-15 IL-15Rα+IL-2Rβ+γc Jak1,3 Lck Stat3,5
IL-19 IL-20Rα+IL-20Rβ Jak1, ?   Stat3
IL-20 IL-20Rα+IL-20Rβ, IL-22R+IL-20Rβ Jak1, ?   Stat3
IL-21 IL-21R+γc Jak1,3   Stat1,3,5
IL-22 IL-22R+IL-10Rβ Jak1, Tyk2   Stat1,3,5
IL-23 (p40+p19) IL-12Rβ1+IL-23R Jak2 Tyk2 Stat4
IL-24 same as IL-20 Jak1, ?   Stat3
IL-26 IL-20Rα+IL-10Rβ Jak1, Tyk2   Stat3
IL-27 (EBI3+p28) gp130+WSX1 Jak1,2, Tyk2   Stat1,2,3,4,5
IL-28A, IL-28B, IL-29 IL-28R+IL-10Rβ Jak1, Tyk2   Stat1,2,3,4,5
IL-31 IL-31Rα+OSMR Jak1,2, Tyk2   Stat1,3,5
IL-35 (p35+EBI3) gp130+WSX1 Jak1,2, Tyk2   Stat1,3,5
GH GHR Jak2 Src family Stat3,5 (mainly Stat5a)
Tpo TpoR (c-Mpl) Jak2, Tyk2 Lyn Stat1,3,5
Epo, Pro EpoR, ProlactinR Jak2 Src Family Stat5 (mainly Stat5a)
Interferon (IFNα/β) IFNAR1+IFNAR2 Jak1, Tyk2 Lck Predominant: Stat1,2
Secondary: Stat3,4,5,6
IFN-γ IFN-gR1+IFN-γR2 Jak1, Jak2 Hck, Lyn Stat1
IL-10 IL-10Rα+ IL-10Rβ Jak1, Tyk2 not determined Stat1,3,5
TLSP TLSPR and IL-7R Jak1, possibly Jak2 not determined Stat3,5
EGF EGFR Jak1 EGFR, Src Stat1,3,5
PDGF PDGFR Jak1,2 PDGFR, Src Stat1,3,5

CST would like to thank Prof. Stefan N. Constantinescu, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Brussels, Belgium, for contributing to this table.

created October 2008

revised April 2013