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Detecting CAR Expression with Versatile, Innovative Antibodies


Interrogate an entire panel of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) molecules using just ONE reagent. Learn more.

  • Versatile: These first-to-market anti-linker monoclonal antibodies from Cell Signaling Technology can be incorporated into multiparametric flow panels for monitoring expression, trafficking, and persistence of scFv-based CARs.
  • Specific: Each antibody specifically detects one of the two linker peptides routinely used in modular CAR design: G4S or Whitlow Linker.
  • Validated: Both monoclonal anti-linker antibodies are validated in flow cytometry.
  • Flexible: Both anti-G4S and anti-Whitlow linker antibodies are available available conjugated to a variety of fluorophores, or formulated carrier-free, for seamless integration into existing multiplex panels.

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CST Products are sold for Research Use Only (RUO). Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.