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Bringing the Western Blot into the 21st Century with Automated Simple Western – A Customer's Perspective


The western blot remains ubiquitous despite many challenges, including poor quantitation, high variability, sample volume, time, and labor requirements. Westerns are an unavoidable necessity in life science research, or are they?

In this two-part webinar, you’ll meet Jess: a fast, reliable, and hands-free western blot automation solution. Then see results and lessons learned from a two-month long western blot assay transfer project at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) that validated dozens of high-quality antibodies for the Jess platform.

In this webinar:

  • Explore Simple Western automated instruments, workflows, tips and tricks.
  • Understand the process of transferring western blot assays to the Simple Western platform.
  • Learn tips for throughput, with results of over 100 CST® antibodies screened on the Jess system.
  • Hear an overview of the CST-Bio-Techne partnership, which brings high-quality CST antibodies to Simple Western instruments.

Join Dr. Chris Heger from ProteinSimple/Bio-Techne and Dr. Chris LaBreck from CST as they share applications, tips, and tricks from years of combined experience working with the Jess platform. See what’s next for this ongoing partnership and how 21st century westerns can transform your workflows.