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Targeted protein degradation: Controlling and assessing therapeutic targets to advance oncology drug discovery


Featured Speakers: Behnam Nabet, PhD (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), and Matthew Stokes, PhD (Cell Signaling Technology)

Targeted protein degradation (TPD) is an emerging research strategy centered around using small molecules called “degraders” to trigger ubiquitin-dependent degradation of specific proteins. This approach shows promise for oncology drug development for many reasons, including the ability to selectively disrupt critical signaling pathways, target previously inaccessible cancer-causing proteins, and overcome drug resistance. Degradation-based strategies also complement basic genetic experiments while offering better target selectivity and enabling functional studies with superior kinetic resolution. Proteomics approaches often work in concert with degradation-based technologies, enabling the discovery of biomarkers, potential therapeutic targets, and a better understanding of therapeutic response across the whole proteome. In this webinar, the speakers will discuss strategies to target oncogenic signaling networks via selective control of protein homeostasis, while highlighting the impact of this approach on cancer therapeutics research.

During the webinar, viewers will:

  • Learn how advances in targeted protein degradation can harness a cell’s degradation machinery to break down key cancer proteins
  • Discover proteomics methods that can help discover new therapeutic targets and provide an array of kinome or proteome response data
  • Hear about methods to selectively disrupt and analyze critical cancer signaling pathways