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Deciphering Immuno-Oncology: Targeting Cellular Mechanisms of the Tumor Immune Response


Participating Experts: Elizabeth M. Jaffe, MD, Johns Hopkins University and Matthew Galsky, MD, Mount Sinai

Tumors are complex hubs of cellular activity that incorporate immune cells, vasculature, and even bacteria. It has become increasingly clear that a better understanding of this tumor microenvironment and the different types of immune cells within it is critical to developing more effective cancer therapies. In particular, immunotherapies that target the signaling mechanisms of T cells have shown great promise for many patients. However, these techniques have proven successful for only a fraction of people and against just a few cancer types. A detailed dissection of the molecular signaling switches that control immune cell activation and tumor checkpoint evasion is required if we hope to broaden the reach of immunotherapy treatments. Our speakers describe key signaling mechanisms and shed light on how they can be utilized to better activate and control immune cells in the tumor microenvironment.

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