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Critical Considerations For Optimizing Imaging Mass Cytometry



Featured Speakers: Noel de Miranda, PhD, and Jessica Simendinger

Understanding the microenvironment of disease is critical for the success of targeted therapies. For years, the complex landscape of the tumor microenvironment could only be studied in single-cell snapshots by flow cytometry or limited tissue staining. Advanced multiplexing technologies now enable the imaging of up to 40 protein markers on both the cellular and tissue level.

This webinar explores the need to employ multidimensional methods for immunophenotyping of cancer immune microenvironments. The speakers highlight the importance and value of employing image-based methods that preserve tissue context in opposition to single-cell approaches. They also describe the fundamental methods for building a large antibody panel for high plex platforms and emphasize the importance of a variety of techniques available to facilitate antibody validation.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • The value of using image-based multiplex technologies that preserve tissue context compared to single-cell approaches.
  • The essential methodological aspects of building a large panel for Imaging Mass Cytometry.
  • Why antibody validation techniques are exceptionally important in high plex platforms and why no single assay is sufficient to verify antibody specificity.