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Simplified Staining: Signaling Analysis in Heterogeneous Populations by Flow Cytometry


Featured Speaker: Christopher Manning, Associate Director, Flow Cytometry and High Content Analysis, Cell Signaling Technology

Flow cytometry offers the unique ability to perform intracellular signaling analysis while also examining extracellular targets, enabling phenotyping for cell characterization. This multiplexed staining towards both extracellular and intracellular epitopes in a single flow cytometry assay can be challenging. This webinar will provide tips and techniques to maximize flow cytometry efficiency when incorporating intracellular epitopes into your workflow.

  • Learn how multiplexing techniques can target both extracellular and intracellular epitopes
  • Be introduced to tips and tools to optimize simultaneous incubation of different antibodies
  • Gain insight into how to maximize multiplexing efficiency while maintaining assay quality