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Capturing the Spatial Landscape of Tumor and Immune Cell Lineages in the Microenvironment of Human Cancer Tissues


Immune system response to cancer therapies can indicate whether a patient will have positive outcomes following therapy. Understanding how the tumor microenvironment (TME) evolves during tumorigenesis and therapeutic response is crucial to developing personalized treatments with the goal of improving cancer therapy. With robust and comprehensive multiplexed imaging technologies, immune biomarkers can be used to interrogate myeloid and lymphoid cell lineages and structures, and when combined with specific oncology biomarkers, can capture the immune response within the TME in a variety of neoplasms. The availability of cell type specific panels, combined with the ability to interrogate using multiplexed tissue imaging, provides unprecedented and novel insights into immune cell populations and spatial cell interactions with many cell types in the TME.

Cell DIVE Multiplex Imaging Solution allows probing and imaging of dozens of biomarkers on a whole single tissue section with an iterative staining and dye inactivation workflow. Here, we demonstrate multiplexed Cell DIVE imaging using a novel panel of dozens of IHC-validated biomarker antibodies from CST across multiple tissue types. Development of the multiplexed panel required minimal optimization, enabled the identification and immunophenotyping of complex cell types, and revealed their cell-to-cell interactions within the tumor microenvironment.