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Webinar - Deciphering Cancer: The Intersection of Epigenetics, Metabolism, and Tumorigenesis


Featured Speakers: Kathryn E. Wellen, PhD and Jason Locasale, PhD

Epigenetic modifications to DNA and histone proteins are known to regulate metabolic gene expression, which in turn impacts metabolite levels. Conversely, the machinery responsible for modifying DNA and histones at the epigenetic level is highly sensitive to metabolites arising from cellular metabolism. Thus, the metabolic changes associated with oncogenesis may affect the epigenetic machinery, creating a feedback loop that synergistically promotes the progression of cancer. This webinar will examine how, by targeting proteins responsible for the crosstalk between epigenetics and metabolism, we may be able to develop new and effective therapeutic options for cancer treatment. Topcis covered in this webinar recording include:

  • Key concepts and general mechanisms through which metabolites regulate chromatin modifications
  • The interplay between glucose and acetate metabolism in acetyl-CoA production and how this impacts histone acetylation in tumors
  • How the intersection of metabolism and epigenetics influences cancer pathogenesis and may present new therapeutic opportunities.